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Navionics Navigation Planner version 7.04 (latest version) - Chart - PC software

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Navigation Planner Version 7.04 NavigationPlanner is the only PC Program specifically designed for marine planning with Navionics charts. Plan with your PC at home, on board or in the office, transfer routes and waypoints to your chart plotter. Install on two computers plus a spare activation. New: NavigationPLANNER 7.04 (free upgrade for customers who already have version 7.00 to 7.03) Support for Navionics SONARCHARTS New route library (allowing multiple routes on the chart, zoom to route and much more) Calculate route with tides (shows tide gain or loss) AND Optimal Planning (calculating the best time to leave taking into account tides). Improved support for Windows 8 touch screens and tablets. NavigationPlanner allows you to back up all your waypoints and routes on your PC, import data from other sources and transfer them to your plotter. Compatible Chart Plotters Note: this is not a complete list as new plotters are being announced all the time and most have the same file format across a manufacturers range.
B&G Zeus: Z8, Z12
Eagle FishElite 480, Eagle IntelliMap 480, Eagle SeaCharter 480df
Navnet 3d (includes the approriate waypoint symbols) MFD 8 (Reads and writes waypoint files including waypoint groups) MFD12 (Reads and writes waypoint files including waypoint groups) GP7000 (Navionics versions only) NavNet vx2 plotters
Geonav 4C Geonav 4C XS Geonav 4 Gypsy Geonav 5C Geonav 6 Sun, 6 Sunshine Geonav 7 Wide Geonav 8 Sunshine Geonav 11 Flash, Geonav 11 Sun , 11 Sunshine
Humminbird Matrix 55X , 65X, 67X and 97X Humminbird 947C, 987C SI, 981C SI, 937C, 931C, 997 range and 777 range
HDS-5, HDS-5X, HDS-5M, HDS-7, HDS-7M, HDS-8, HDS-8M, HDS-10, HDS-10M GlobalMaps: 3300C, 3500C, 4000M, 4800M, 4900M, 5000C, 5500C, 6000C, 6500C, 6600CHD, 7000C, 7500C, 7600C HD, Baja 480C, Baja 840C, Baja 540c, Baja, 320, 240, 5150C, 5200C. 5300C, 5300C iGPS, 7200c, 7300c HD, 8200C, 8300C, 9200C, 9300c HD iFinder: Base iFinder, PhD, Map&Music, Hunt, H2O, Pro AirMap: 2000C, 500, 1000 LCX: 111C HD, 110C, 104C, 26 HD, 25C, 19C, 20C, 18C, 17M, 15MT, 15CT, 15C, 16CI, 112C, 113C HD, 37C, 27C, 28C HD, 37C, 38C HD LMS: 337C DF, 332C, 335C DF, 332C, 480M DF, 480M, 320DF, 240, 522c, 520c, 527c, 525c DF, 527c DF iGPS, 552c ICEMACHINE, 552c iGps, 5200c iWay: 800C, 700C, 500C, 100M
Northstar 6×00i Raymarine A series - A50, A57, A65, A70 Raymarine a series - a65, a67 Raymarine C Series - C70, C80, C120 Raymarine C Series Wide - C90W, C120W, C 140W Raymarine c Series - c95,c97,c125,c127 Raymarine E Series - E80, E120 Raymarine E Series Wide - E90W, E120W, E140W Raymarine e Series -e7,e7D,e95,e97,e125, e127,e165 Raymarine G series Raymarine RC435, RC435i ,RC400 NOTE: For Raymarine E Series, C Series, G series and A series compatibility, the PC must be running Windows XP or later. The RC435, RC435i and RC400 will work on all operating systems
NSE range: NSE8, NSE12 NSO: NSO Marine processor with any of the MO15F, MO19F,Dl10, Dl15 displays.

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